Mission Statement

Local 537 is devoted and dedicated to promoting, protecting, and championing the legitimate struggles of professional, office, and clerical employees toward achieving an improved lifestyle, economic well-being, their general welfare, and rights as workers and citizens.

This Union realizes and accepts the fact that we have obligations to our community, country, and all society.  We endeavor to give clear evidence of our recognition of our unity with organized labor.  We desire to encourage understanding, cooperation, and participation of every member of in the organizing efforts of this Local Union, now and always.

Therefore, our aim, within the above guidelines are:

  • To represent and unite all classifications of professional, technical, office, and clerical employees within our jurisdiction.
  • To organize for higher wages and benefits tomorrow and to organize for a stronger and brighter future always.
  • To advance our knowledge and skills, thereby strengthening our position in society.
  • To actively participate in all aspects of our society, thereby helping to plan our destiny and the destiny of our nation